About us

The company "Smart motors" works since 2011. Creating a "Smart motors", we wanted to provide an opportunity for convenient and profitable around the city. The car brand Smart was selected due to its German reliability, high security, low fuel consumption, ease of use in such a large city as Moscow where it is much easier to use compact cars.

Most people in Moscow use the machine a maximum of two, but often the car rides with just one person. The question arises why the motorist to carry all this “air”, to waste fuel on transporting heavier car (the more weight, the more fuel you need to to disperse)? Company Smart introduced the solution to all these problems!

There are many varieties of car body Smart: classic body type (hatchback/wagon), coupe, convertible. Company Smart in collaboration with the well-known German tuning Studio Brabus has presented even “charged” versions of all of these types of the body!

Have us in the range includes a wide range of different body styles and versions of the forces of the engines, ranging from a modest 71 horsepower, finishing «charged» 102 strong version!

Hundreds of satisfied customers

Friendly atmosphere

20+ SMARTS in the Park

5 years on the market